Operating Policies

In Reference to SMS on DMARC, especially the 3 W4RKZ machines in Birmingham.


  1. Texting via DMR is prohibited by FCC rules as it is an unidentified transmission
  2. The c-bridge ignores text messages, as it is not programmed to handle them
  3. Text messaging does not tie up a talk-group, it ties up an entire time slot on the local repeater the radio is operating on
I have been in the process of adding Genesis to the system to watch for transmissions that are not voice.  Those conducting transmissions that are not voice or not identified properly will be blocked in all repeaters under the W4RKZ callsign.  I’m sure that other repeater owners on AL-DMR will follow suit.
If users of the AL-DMR radio network cannot conduct themselves in a respectful manner of others, we will implement RAS (Restricted Access to System) and only those that are approved to be on the network will get the RAS key.
It was my hope that implementing this system would bring people together for the common good of the community.  In-fighting, political discussions, and other communications that do not respect others are prohibited on W4RKZ repeaters and the AL-DMR c-Bridge.
Please inform all parties that these rules will be strictly enforced, and if they cannot program or operate their radio to abide by these rules their ID will be blocked by all AL-DMR infrastructure.  I do not wish to implement a closed system, I continue to believe that 99.9% of all users are respectful and adhere to FCC rules and ham radio best practices.
Feel free to distribute this email to the Facebook page or other websites/forums.
If anyone has questions or would like to discuss the matter, please feel free to contact me.